How can music calm a person who is facing stress or burdens in their life?

Music is an art that made from soul. Music reflects human feelings, is it about love, sorrow, happiness, excitement or others. Music was produced because human want to express their feeling. In the past people used music to praise their God. It is how they express their gratitude and appreciate their life.

Human have sensitive feeling. When people are stress and then hear some nice music it may calming them. Because slowly the tone of the music will be playing our emotion and slowly our current emotion is being accustomed with the rhyme of the music.

The rhyme of the music can also describe certain place or make us imagine one particular place that make us relax or happy.

For example when people hear a classical music, they will imagine some classic country like Paris. Then they imagine they are sitting on the bench beside Paris street and admiring the autumn season over there. It make them relax, happy and calm.

Somehow there is a joy when you hear music and slowly you feel like your burden on your shoulder just like being lifted up adn you can forget your problem for a while and then get new spirit and motivation to face this life with brave after hear some music.

Life become lighter when there is music.