Social Networking

The importance of social networking has continued to grow. That’s why Facebook has easily spread like wildfire among college campuses and high schools. Today, it is practically a requirement for college and high schools student to have a Facebook page, or risk being alienated from other student.

There are certainly many benefits of having a profile on Facebook and regularly updating it. It’s great way to stay connected to friends and family all over the world.
Facebook allows users to connect with other users through networks. Many people have met their brothers and sisters who have been separated for a long time.

People can also deliver updated information about themselves on Facebook so that all of their friends know what they do or where they are today. It is very easy to load a multitude of pictures or videos to specified Facebook albums. You can “tag” your friends in these pictures, so that the pictures will show up on their Facebook profile.

Moreover, Facebook provides many games and quizzes. These features are very entertaining. They provide a fun way to keep in touch with friends. Despite what most people think, there are also many risks created by Facebook. Even if one’s profile privacy has been restricted, it is still very easy for other people to access the profile. There is always a chance that a “predator” will find information and use it to cause harm. In fact, many users fail to make use of privacy settings at all, leaving them that much more vulnerable to “online predators”.

Also, friends may tag you in pictures or videos that you’d rather not have others see. Perhaps, you were pretty wild on one occasion last night, or were even engaging in some illegal activities. If your photos are posted up and tagged in yo your friend list, consequently, a teacher or one of your parents will see these and not be very happy about it. There are many people who have not been hired because an employer did not like what they saw on applicant’s Facebook profile, or the photos their friends put on.

Moreover, Facebook wastes a lot of time. It can be very addicting, like any website, so make sure you set a time-limit for how long you can spend on the website, or you won’t accomplish anything. And you’re using a computer for schoolwork, avoid Facebook at all costs, it’s one of the best procrastination tools out there.

Whether or not you have a Facebook or use it on regular basis, it’s good to know the risks and the rewards, so that you can adjust your habits to make your time spent networking safer and more rewarding.



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